Vektor Research is comprised of a core team of engineers including Arnar Thors and Matt Fitzgerald of Fitz-Thors Engineering in Birmingham, AL. Their company built a solid reputation over the past decade as the go-to firm for custom solutions for the most complex manufacturing challenges.

The Vektor Research endeavor will allow the founders to explore technologies and fields outside their given industries and partner with like-minded professionals who are capable of making a difference. Initial projects are focused on the medical device category. One upcoming device/technology is related to a detection-and-alert system for diabetics.



ABOUT Fitz-Thors Engineering, Inc.

Fitz-Thors Engineering (FTE) specializes in design-to-build engineering projects and high-precision manufacturing services. Founded in 2007, FTE serves customers needing complex solutions and equipment, designed and custom-built for their specific business objectives. Solutions range from small, specialized tooling needs, to large-scale, full-assembly and production line builds. Projects typically support or modify an existing manufacturing process, or establish a new one. The work usually involves engineering design, concept simulation & prototyping, machining & fabrication, robotics, automation & programming, finishing with implementation, and installation. With a team of over 30 engineers, Fitz-Thors tackles some of the biggest challenges for well-known clients including Mercedes Benz and the U.S Government.